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"Training alone increased productivity by 22.4 percent, whereas training and follow-up coaching increased productivity by 88 percent".

(Metrix Global LLC, 2001)


Coaching is about enhancing the performance of an individual or group through increased personal awareness and the application of new practices and behaviours.

At Integrated Know-How, we support direct skill translation in the workplace by offering coaching support with all our development programs

Our coaches work with both individuals and teams at all levels of an organisation.

  • We help individuals develop the skills and knowledge required for their ‘next step’.  Coaching assists them to discover new ways of thinking, improve their ability to generate sustainable solutions and work collaboratively.
  • We assist teams to gain clarity and apply new knowledge and approaches to their workplace challenges.  We strengthen their ability to ‘work together’ with focus and accountability.

Integrated Know-How also offers ‘coach-the-coach’ programs to help organisations build their internal coaching capabilities and culture.  Relevant psychometric tools such as GEMA, MBTI, DiSC, GENOS EI, HBDI can be included with all coaching options. 

Find an overview of our psychometric tools here.